Prices Students are willing to pay for their papers

If they feature high quality, but they are always looking for the best price on the market that will enable them to save money while getting great papers. Since most of them are on a tight budget, the customers of essay writing companies pay a lot of attention to the affordability their pricing policies.
First of all, there is one thing you need to remember: it would be best to avoid companies whose prices are extremely cheap when compared to the industry’s average, because they usually don’t offer satisfactory levels of quality and reliable customer support. That doesn’t mean that you should immediately go for the most expensive offer on the market, though. The best thing you could do is stick within the average prices in the industry and make sure to hire a company that has an impeccable reputation of providing ultimate satisfaction.

Standard Pricing Policy of Custom-Writing Services

If you are interested in ordering a paper online, then you should be aware of all factors that will influence the price of your order:

  • Different custom-writing companies offer varying prices, so the cost of your project will depend on the particular company you choose.
  • The prices are usually offered per page, which means that the lengthier your paper is, the more expensive it will turn out to be. All custom-writing companies enable you to specify the number of pages you want to order in the order form.
  • The subject of your paper is also important. Most companies provide similar prices for subjects of general nature, but some projects (such as medical reports, admission services, business plans, programming services, dissertations, and others) are usually offered with higher prices.
  • The deadline you are willing (or able) to give for your order has a great influence over the final cost. The shorter deadlines are always offered with higher quotes per page, simply because the writers have to work under a lot of pressure in order to deliver highest level of quality within a short timeframe.
  • Most custom-writing companies enable you to choose the level of quality for your order. The majority of websites offer three levels of quality (Standard, Advanced/Premium, and Platinum), but others categorize the quotes according to the academic level of your order (the options range from High School to Doctoral). The higher level of quality you choose, the more you will need to pay for your paper.

Average Quotes per Page

The average prices for essays in the custom-writing industry start around $20 and go up to $60. The companies that classify their quotes from High School to PhD level may give the false first impression that they are more affordable than the competition. However, you will hardly get the desired level of quality if you choose High School level. Since you’ll have to go within the higher ranks, you will still end up with an average quote per page.

Some companies offer extremely high prices for admission writing services, while others (such as EssayOnTime. com and RushMyEssay. com as examples) provide high-quality admission papers for a price that doesn’t go much higher than the one offered for essay writing services.

Notable Exceptions

The usual pricing policy implemented by most custom-writing companies on the market sets fixed quotes per page separated in categories according to the deadline and level of quality the customer chooses. However, there is one exception from this rule that is worth mentioning EssayJedi. com.

This website enables the customers to negotiate the price with the writers of the company and choose the most beneficial bid to their project. Thus, the customer can choose a writer who offers a higher price if they are convinced that the quality will be better, but they can also get the cheapest offer on the market and still receive satisfactory content.

Don’t Forget About the Discounts

The price charts offered at the websites of custom-writing companies give provide you with an initial estimation of the final cost. However, that calculation you make is not usually the real price you will have to pay at the end. Don’t worry; you won’t pay more because reliable companies protect you with a guarantee to fair pricing with no hidden costs attached.

The final price is most likely to go down if you apply a discount, and you have that chance at most websites regardless whether you are their first-time user or you come back to order more papers from the same company.

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